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The #1 Mistake Brands Make on Social Media

Do you feel like you’re doing everything you can on Social Media but you’re not getting the results you want? Read on. You might be making this mistake.

A few months ago, I have published an article (originally for LinkedIn) on why brands should use the new mobile streaming technologies in order to engage with their customers and attract the new ones. I encouraged companies to take a look at both Meerkat and Periscope in order to reach out to new audiences, shape what people think about you as a brand or just emphasize on all the good things you strive for as a brand.

The reason why social media became prevalent in the first place was because of the connections people were able to make first with their friends and family and later with actors, artists and brands that resonated with them.

One thing is obvious: Conversation.

What brands started realising was that they could connect, communicate and promote their products and services, thus monetise on the possibilities these platfoms offer.

Social Media misunderstood 

Sooner than later this “conversation” became one-sided. 

People are savvier these days than you think. Your clients and customers will sniff out any form of information exchange which is only meant to serve one party. This is where traditional advertising and social media are grossly misunderstood.

Brands that use social media only as a vehicle that drives their products in front of their customers without engaging with them are either losing a huge opportunity or are very confused.

When I say “brands” I am not just talking about the Fortune 500 companies because those most likely get it right. I am talking about anything and anyone who is looking to establish a loyal community through social media.

To give you a real example..

I have recently come across the UK’s major blue-chip brand which used Periscope to stream a live event in London. As you may know Periscope allows anyone (i.e. your customers) who visit your stream to comment on your activity in a real time. Because the person who was behind the camera didn’t engage in the conversation and thus failed to respond to any comment, the number of viewers dropped by a staggering 75%.

Are you still wondering what the number one social media mistake you might be making is?

You guessed it. Engagement.

A lack of engagement is the single biggest mistake brands and people make on #SocialMedia. Click To Tweet

Instead do this:

Next time you get the opportunity, pay attention when your community is talking to you and make sure you engage with them. Ask them questions. Ask them where they are from. What they think. Tell them a story. Tell them why the event you are streaming is taking place. Ask them to share it. Direct them to your website. Connect the dots. Don’t let your fan base escape to someone who knows how to keep them engaged and your customers will thank you for it.

I wish you a great start!


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