Snaphappen and What’s the Point of Snapchat?

Snaphappen is the world’s first Snapchat event which took place last week, right in the middle of London’s Old Street Roundabout. The third-largest technology startup cluster in the world. Also known as the British Silicon Valley.

Snaphappen brings together the world’s biggest influencers whose daily Snapchat stories have lead them to work with brands like Coca-Cola, Red Bull or Disney.

Snaphappen also organised “The Ghosties”, which is the world’s first Snapchat awards. The Ghosties highlight the best in the Snapchat game, from storytellers, news reporters to the brands using the platform as a marketing tool. The Ghosties took place in a sophisticated and quirky W Hotel in Leicester Square later on that day.

Snapchat (and YouTube) Influencers

If you’ve been to the event last week you would have had a chance to meet people like Shaun McBride, also known as Shonduras. Shaun is one of the most influential Snapchatter in the world, getting over 2.3 million daily views.

In other words, over 2.3 million people watch the series of his 10-second video and image content, which will eventually disappear in 24 hours. That is the type of influence and attention the consumer brands are interested in when considering working with an influencer.

Shaun talked about how to become a brand and work with influencers. When used creatively, influencers are able to turn your product into a must-have/cool item while making the brand the hero.

It goes beyond a regular product placement because an influencer on Snapchat builds a story around the product rather than just simply placing it in for a few seconds.

That elicits a positive emotional response as long as it doesn’t feel like advertising. 

Chris “Kubby” Kubbernus is a well-respected marketer in the community, whose work I personally like, and who you could hear speak at the event.

Chris talked about how Snapchat itself doesn’t matter but what does matter is when the technology becomes part of the culture and everything we do.

Right now, Snapchat is taking that spot and it’s down to brands to take the opportunity at hand.

Chris owns a digital agency in Copenhagen, Denmark. He runs The Kubby Show and recently started The Kubby Khronicles which you can both watch on YouTube.




Carlos Gil is a heavy-weight marketer and a keynote speaker who talked about how to use Snapchat for business and clearly positioned it as “a legitimate social media marketing channel for your business”.

Carlos is the Global Head of Social Media at BMC Software (previously was a Senior Social Media Manager at LinkedIn).

Both Chris and Carlos made it to the Top 50 Snapchat Marketing Influencers by Mashable.




Julius Dein and Tenner Fox, two famous YouTube celebrities, as well as Dynamo The Magician, also appeared at the event.

Engagement at its best

From the consumer perspective, it’s the real-time, reality TV-like feature that this platform offers. The consumers are able to jump in and become part of the conversation and alternatively engage with the influencers and the brands alike.

In fact, the engagement is something I personally have to emphasise on. I’ve been using Snapchat since January 2016. I mostly use it to share my advice and expertise around Business, Marketing and life in general.

What I find the most fascinating about the platform is the genuine relationship you’re able to develop with people without even meeting them face-to-face. Its content transiency and “real-life” engagement through the video-, audio-, image-format make this possible.

At Snaphappen, I’ve had a chance to meet people that I’d only interacted with on Snapchat but it felt like we’d known one another for a long time. Because we did. Through this unique platform.

One could argue that the internet and the other social media networks allow you to have the same level of engagement anyway. I’d argue that whoever makes such comment had never used Snapchat long enough, if at all, to see its value.

Authenticity is Attractive

What makes Snapchat attractive is firstly the (private) “behind the scenes” access to brand’s and people’s lives. Secondly, it reflects the way the conversations and events happen in real life. You live, communicate at the same time, share your thoughts and ideas and see them disappear.

Snapchat mission statement encourages imperfections: “Snapchat isn’t about capturing the traditional Kodak moment. It’s about communicating with the full range of human emotion—not just what appears to be pretty or perfect.”

It’s the imperfections and authenticity that are also attractive about Snapchat’s content.

That is what makes this platform unique apart from the 10 billion daily video views which it reported in April 2016.

It’s not about the platform one prefers but about the platform that holds the attention of the market for a sustained time period.

Not Convinced about Snapchat Yet?

If you’re still not convinced about Snapchat and think it’s only for teenagers, I can tell you about my personal experience.

I’ve recently been interviewed by the New York Times Bestselling author, Kevin Kruse, who’s writing a new book on how entrepreneurs can build their brand. Kevin discovered me on Snapchat and followed my content. I asked him about it.


Kevin explained: “I wanted to interview you because I could tell you were consistently spending a lot of time helping people and connecting with people on Snapchat (although the platform was really incidental). I was curious about how it was working out for you from a marketing perspective and the other reasons you do it. When I consume social media it’s to learn. I don’t watch social media for entertainment, and I don’t watch other people who just live stream. But I love to watch people who are offering ideas and advice and answering questions. My favorite topics are marketing and entrepreneurship.


Thanks to Snapchat, I appeared in the articles like:

What’s next?

Video is certainly becoming one of the main ways people are sharing information and communicating with each other.

After attending the event last week, and used the platform first hard, it’s obvious how significant this platform is becoming.


Watch the sneak peek to the world’s first ever Snaphappen 2016 


Today, entrepreneurs, marketers, business owners, recruiters, artists and actually almost every type of person you can think of uses Snapchat. Whether that means actively producing or just consuming the content that others publish.

In fact, for all the different categories go to GhostCodes, one of the SnapHappen sponsors and a Snapchat directory.

I am really keen to see how Snapchat continues to grow and also how many interesting people Snaphappen will bring. There are already plans for the next Snaphappen in spring 2017 in New York which is really exciting. If you can attend, make it (snap)happen!

Until next time,

– Filip

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